Help Celebrate Anchorage’s 100th Birthday In Alaska

If you are looking to party and don’t fancy the glitz and glamour of Las Vegas, then you might want to consider going somewhere a little further afield for an more of a special occasion. It’s likely that you won’t be aware of it but Alaska’s biggest city, Anchorage, is preparing to celebrate its upcoming 100th birthday and there might be no better time to visit the Last Frontier State!

Anchorage is home to almost half of the population of Alaska and it is amazing to think that it was only founded nearly 100 years ago. It began as a simple survey camps for the railroad and within a short period of time it grew to become a tented city full of workers and settlers. Now Anchorage continues to attract new migrants, who are searching for a quieter life and the state’s lack of income tax and oil revenues.

It’s likely that you haven’t even heard of Anchorage before but it sprawls over a large area, but it is still walkable and compact at the same time. This is a truly unique place that can literally have wildlife at its doorstep. In fact there are at least 1,500 moose and dozens of bears that live close to Anchorage and some of them aren’t afraid to have a wander down Anchorage’s streets…fortunately this is usually the moose that do so, but it isn’t uncommon to hear reports that wolves have been spotted along the walking and cycling paths.

This is an ideal place to visit if you want to be close to nature and an amazing natural environment but also have the comfort of civilisation. One of the best ways to enjoy the landscapes is by getting up in the air, if the weather permits you can take a flightseeing tour, with Rust’s Flying Service offering float-plane flights from lake hood (and yes we know, the name rust doesn’t lend itself to the idea of safe flying). There are a few other flight services available and they make for some pretty unforgettable views.

If flying isn’t your thing then there is plenty to enjoy on the ground too. There are open-air markets at the weekend and you’ll be able to find products that are unique to Alaska, from birch syrups, jewelry and some delicious foods such as the calorific funnel cake. If you need something savory then you should definitely give the reindeer hot dog a whirl.

For those who are after a bit of adventure then be sure to hire a bike and go on the Coastal Trail or if you fancy something a little more romantic then why not go for a horse-drawn carriage ride instead.

There are plenty of hotels for you choose from too and if you are willing to spend a bit more money then it is well worth staying at the historic Anchorage Hotel. It was established back in 1916 and is now at the heart of downtown. Be sure to plan your trip carefully as the high season room rate double compared to their usual rates.

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